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About the Centre

The Centre of Tax Documentation and Studies in Lodz was established on 1 December 1997 as a unit of the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Lodz.

The Centre is headed by Prof. Włodzimierz Nykiel. A deputy head is Prof. Ziemowit Kukulski. The activities of the Centre are initiated and supervised by the Programme Board, under the presidency of Prof. Johannes de Goede.

The members of the Board are: Prof. Włodzimierz Nykiel, Prof. Jan Głuchowski, Prof. Małgorzata Król, Prof. Michał Seweryński, Ms. Elżbieta Żuchaj.

The main activities of the Centre include:

  • collecting documentation (i.e. publications: books and periodicals, texts of legal acts, judgements) concerning Polish, European Union and international tax law (the Centre's library, comprising approximately 4000 items, is the largest specialist tax library in Poland);
  • conducting research in the field of domestic, European Union and international tax law;
  • organizing conferences and seminars for practitioners (judges, tax administration officials, tax advisers, attorneys, solicitors), scholars and students interested in tax law, with participation of the best Polish and foreign tax experts (so far the Centre has organized over 85 tax conferences and seminars);
  • organizing an annual student competition for the best tax law dissertation (the winners receive monetary prizes and books);
  • running Postgraduate Tax Law Programme;
  • cooperation with the Ministry of Finance;
  • since 1999 publishing a periodical: "Tax Law Quarterly" ("Kwartalnik Prawa Podatkowego") and publishing books on tax law;
  • supporting scientific research in the field of taxation conducted by academics and students (granting scholarships, financing research stays abroad and conference participations).